A Bag of Love



Taken from the Society,
Contribute back to the Society.

A Feeling of Gratitude

Feelings of compassion, humanity and a sense of appreciation awakens when we give to people. There is nothing greater to center our focus in this world than beginning to understand just how much we have to be grateful for. This comes from being in direct contact with the act of giving to people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Encourage a Culture of Giving

Behaviors are contagious. If people see you or other people giving back to society in some shape or form, it is likely to be an idea that sticks with them. Many people who give back to society have been inspired by someone in their community or environment who had done so.

Health Benefits of Giving Back

On a physical level, you are bound to experience an increase in your levels of wellbeing when you give back to society. Givers on a whole, experience a boost in morale, increased feelings of happiness, greater purpose in life and naturally lower stress levels.

Alleviate Poverty, Struggling & Suffering

On an absolutely practical level when you find ways to give back to society, this helps to provide some instant relief from poverty, struggling and suffering. Even if a long-term, sustainable solution is needed, people still need food in their mouths, clothes on their back and access to basic sanitation in the immediate moment. This can be achieved in a number of different ways. You can donate to a cause, become a volunteer or be involved in corporate giving.

Building Blocks for the Future Development

If for example, you are giving back to society through a feeding or housing scheme, you will be providing the essential building blocks for a child’s future development. Through a sequence of events, you help influence whether they are able to study or have the presence of mind to get an education.

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Giving Back

Strengthen Communities & Nation

Giving encourages dialogue between people, communities, and nations in ways that people would not ordinarily have experienced before. When people choose to give, they unite from different sectors and communities in the name of a common cause. This is a key contributing factor in strengthening communities and nation-building.