A Bag of Love

About Us

We are ABOL, a social enterprise in Singapore. 

Our objective is to promote our House Brand Tote Bags at $15 each and every purchase will be entitled to a free bag of Fragrant Rice (weigh 2KG) at our Redemption Office.

Redemption will ALSO be available at the Ration Giving Event. All are welcome to join to give out your share or other rations. 

Alternatively, You can also choose NOT to redeem OR forfeit your redemption. Together with the Volunteers, we will help to distribute the rice on your behalf. Either way will definitely act as a support and contribution for the poor, needy and disabled with financial difficulties!

Since March 2019, We has been providing Free Hair Cut Services to the Poor and Needy. If you know anyone who cannot afford a haircut, they are most welcome to head down to our Event Day!


Yi Yun Movers & Logistics